The goals of Wellcube™ are razor-sharp with farsighted vision. We are fervent in actualizing the goals by unifying # 4 prominent and promising concepts to help in the robustness of an individual.

Bringing a multitude of innovative technologies, infrastructure, and experts in the wellness space together, to create programs and amenities which will make wellness accessible and sustainable. Our novel concept is a quadrangulation of wellness homes, fitness and therapy hubs, nutrition & food choices, and of course our community outreach programs.

Home Wellness Intelligence

Aesthetics of contemporary living space blended with wellness intelligence and interwoven home technologies to improve physical and mental health. 

Wellness Intelligence

holistic solutions incorporate living spaces design features and services to support immune health and encourage healthier living

More Helping Homes

creating more helpful homes with the help of smart home technologies, help you stay informed, feel more comfortable, and safe

Aesthetics of Urban Living

from location, connectivity, design and quality construction, and value for investment

In room Wellness Studio

With a near-invisible home gym that transforms wall space into a cardio class, a yoga studio, a boxing ring, and so much more - it has never been easier to stay motivated on your fitness journey.



Fusion of eastern therapies and modern science in the immersive multi-sensory wellness spaces to beget the equilibrium of mind, body, and emotions. A stunning immersive experience that customers would have never had before. 

Immersive Spaces

The visually stunning immersive studios for physical fitness, mental conditioning, and meditation are designed to stimulate all of your senses. The acoustics, aroma, temperature, and visuals are carefully curated to create a harmonious ambience and transport you into a different realm, where you can concentrate on your personal wellness.

Human Touch & Guided Energy

Human guided expert therapies which combine eastern knowledge and scientific diagnostic and counselling driven techniques. The wellness programs are based on the five elements of nature, ether, fire, water, and earth for healing energy care.

Low touch-high-tech Therapies

low touch and touchless physical healing therapy technology. These therapies are unique and distinctive, suitable for people who prefer non-invasive healing techniques.


Habitual care for the community

Helping communities develop the habit of clean eating and healthy food choices through our customized nutritional programs prioritizing quality food and beverages. 

Personalized nutrition programs

personalized nutrition programs to residents and to the community for healthy, clean eating

Tele dietary Counselling

Tele dietary Counselling and in room and delivery services of high quality vegan and vegetarian food helping the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Food Choices

The Craftmanship of Wellfood captivates your taste buds with specially curated vegetarian and vegan options; also one of its kind organic detox tea lounges and fine dining.


Connected Wellness

Our wellness goals are to reach living spaces; thus, we passionate about extending wellness to communities through our outreach programs.

Government and Corporate Programs

encourage healthier lifestyle choices in workplace focusing elevate human potential, improve productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

Healthcare Employees Wellness Program

for frontline healthcare employees to physical, social, mental, and emotional aspect.

School and Children Wellness Program

promote academic success by helping students achieve their best possible physical and mental health status.

Women Wellness Program

specially designed program for empower women in physical, social, mental and emotional aspect

Sports Rehabilitation Programs

Specially crafted sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs for the sports personnel to recover from and prevent injury and reduce pain using exercise, movement and manual based therapeutic interventions.

Sports Rehabilitation Programs

Comprehensive programs with access to facilities and expertise to improve and maintain the wellbeing of the neighborhood through proper diet, exercise, stress management, and illness prevention.

Wellcube wishes to create a movement through wellness real estate – a movement that radically changes our outlook and behavior towards wellness. Rather than being a self-motivated decision that people make, healthy lifestyles should become the norm. This is the primary goal of Wellcube.


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